eLearning videos can be used in so many different scenarios around the workplace. They are very versatile and it is an ideal medium for delivering formal training. The best part about these eLearning videos is that you don’t need to pay a professional to run the training session over and over again! The question is, how effective are your eLearning videos at doing what they’re meant to do?

The problem is that many traditional eLearning videos use the passive approach to learning. That is, delivering a continuous linear story from the moment the viewer hits the ‘play’ button. Lo and behold, this experience isn’t great for keeping people engaged.
These days, video creation techniques are more advanced. They allow you to incorporate interactive elements to keep viewers switched on. As a result, this ensures that the information that viewers learn will actually stick!

So, here’s a quick guide to creating eLearning videos that are successful. After all, we all want total audience participation right?



Don’t be afraid to branch out and reach out

Viewers tend to lose connection with videos that take a standardised approach. Why? Because viewers don’t like listening to a bunch of information they already know. Especially if they’re receiving lessons that are irrelevant for the job.

This is why branching is a brilliant solution. It is a way to ensure that your videos cater to a wide range of individuals and their knowledge base. How is this achieved? By incorporating a comprehensive menu at the start of the video. This enables viewers to select chapters that are most suitable to them. Additionally, presenting branching menus at intervals throughout the video will then allow viewers to shape the direction of their training according to their individual needs and scenarios.



Test and recap

Pop quizzes and questions are great for instilling a real sense of value among eLearners. They’re a constant reminder of why the audience is doing what they’re doing. It is also a means to see how much they’re actually taking in and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

These insightful and useful interactions could come in several forms. Whether they be multiple choice or one-off questions or even game-like scenarios such as filling in the blanks.



Pass me the zoom lens!

The key to effective learning is having the ability to learn at your own pace. Unlike linear eLearning videos, interactive videos enable viewers to do that! Viewers are able to pause or play the video at any moment as well as take advantage of a multitude of tools for learning. Zooming in on diagrams or other images for a closeup view of the information is a perfect example of such. By doing so, it allows viewers to inspect other details that may reveal further insights or information.
Gamification for some healthy rivalry
Friendly competition within the workplace may encourage performance improvement amongst colleagues. By introducing some scoring feedback to your videos, you allow viewers to know how they’re progressing. This will then enable them to compare their own scores to their team members!

Whatever exercises you’ve introduced to your video to measure knowledge, take the opportunity to compile a neat report they can refer to in future. Examples of such could be anything ranging from a numerical score to gradings.



Save my spot (‘Bookmarking’)

Giving control and ownership over eLearning videos is key to maximising personalisation and subsequently, increased engagement. ‘Bookmarking’ enables viewers to create a tailored version of the Table of Contents – a version that resonates (and is more useful!)
By using a bookmarking tool, viewers can save and name specific locations in the video. They can pick up right where they left off and jump back and forth to their heart’s content.

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