Craft a vision for your conference

Craft a vision for your next conference and stage an engaging event.We aren’t event planners but we like to put ourselves in our client’s shoes. So when we’re asked to help with an upcoming conference- building the theme, crafting the message and providing all marketing and visual material to host the event; we know this is still only one slice of the conference pie.

There are many different types of conferences, and depending on the purpose, the business goal and the attendees, a conference can take as long as a year to organise. However, regardless of the size, the top-level steps below will help you organise a basic conference. We also have a few alternative conference space ideas that may be worth a thought if you want to craft an impactful event.

Purpose – The purpose of a conference is to share your vision, inform your audience and motivate change. Why are you holding a conference?

Business goal – What does the conference aim to achieve?

Budget – How much can (or) should you spend on the event? Try to set a benchmark and compare revenue to cost:

Is your event free or will you charge attendees?

Will it be sponsored?

Will you have exhibitors?

Will you have a hired speaker?

Attendance projections  How many people will be attending? Attendees and budget go hand in hand, and will help you choose an event space.

Sales and marketing plan – How will you reach and engage potential speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees?

Date – When will you hold the event? Often dates need to be flexible, as good event spaces book up fast!

Time frame – How long will the event go for, and what time will it start?

Breakout rooms – What is your conferences itinerary? Will there be additional break out areas, dining area or bar?

Dining – Will it be a sit down formal meal or a cocktail event? Think about your theme and your business objective, as well as your budget.

Transportation and lodging – 
Where will your guests be travelling from?

Will they need transport to and from the venue?

Will any guests need airport pickups?

Will they need a place to stay before and/or after the event?

Entertainment – Is entertainment required? Again think of your business objective and theming.

Speakers – Who will host the event? Will you have guest speakers?

Screen content – Presentation design and motion graphics; is audio required?

Gifts – Do you want the audience to take something away with them?

Signage – Promotional and way-finding signage.

PR – Do you want the event to be documented: promotional pieces, event success stories, photos, live feeds- twitter and social postings.

On site staffing – Venues may provide most of your staff needs, but make sure you are not left alone to run the event on the day.

With that all checked off, you have the basics sorted. By now you should also be able to envision a successful event.

With all the things that need to be organised (aside from planning your event identity, which with the help of experts like ourselves, can be very stress-free) your choice of an event space is just as important, and can also potentially make or break your event.So below is a list of three alternative event spaces that are worth considering if your looking to host a persuasive and influential event. Have a lasting impact on all of your attendees and really treat your guests.


This is not a new concept but is often forgotten, a retreat is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your attendees. These venues offer exercises and workshops that help release your inner creativity, your potential, and help you to focus. There are also great team building workshops and exercises that can be organised depending on your event; but aside from all the wonderful extras, just having your conference in a peaceful venue is good enough reason to consider a retreat, and they make a great change to the standard theatre hall or dining area.
If you like the idea of an alternative event space but you need something with a different energy to a retreat- maybe you want an environment that gives a little more… what if you had a shark swimming in the background and hosted your event at a Sea Life Aquarium? Another creative venue idea is to host your event at a museum. It’s corporate, its classy, and it appeals to the geek in all of us.

Lastly …Where ever you hold your conference, whatever your message, try to make it inspiring, and you are sure to make a lasting impression.

This is an archived post from our predecessor The JOB Creative. 

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