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Consider using an alternative format for your annual report

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The annual report is one of those pieces of communication and collateral that executive directors and development directors dread putting together because it is such a costly endeavour with relatively little return and short shelf life.

To solve this problem, some companies are abandoning the traditional written Annual Report format in favour of infographics and videos, which convey relevant information in a more unique and impactful way.



Infographics are informative, visually stimulating and they allow us to easily digest a ton of information quickly. Producing an Annual Report in the form of an infographic will take the reader on a visual, impactful journey worth sharing among their colleagues and friends.



Video is a natural medium for storytelling, and that’s what the Annual Report should be. There are some significant benefits to a video report: lasting content on the web, video footage for re-use, and changing a report into a discussion.
These un-traditional Annual Report formats aren’t about putting the spotlight on a letter by the CEO or keeping facts and figures only focused on finances and personnel; those are the Annual Reports of old.
Infographics and Explainer Videos are interactive, engaging, informative, fun and, most of all, great for sharing online.


In an information-overloaded world, short and succinct messaging is preferable for the time-poor user.

Get more mileage from your Annual Report and break down your important data into bite-sized pieces. Primed for sharing on social platforms, micro-content affords a steady stream of interesting, engaging and educational content.


 Divisible content, or micro-content, is exactly that – small snippets of newsworthy, simple and quick to digest visual communications…. like these lot…


Get in Touch. We’d be more than happy to explain the process, show you some examples and provide a non-obligation estimate for producing an Annual Report Infographic or Video.


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Learn to knock investors off their feet with strategically placed visuals
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