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To the new year and a more creative start

By Jacqui O'Brien by Jacqui O'Brien 4 min

2016 Wrap Up:

In our industry, the daily grind pays off when we produce amazing content for our clients – beautiful visual pieces of communication that make their meetings, pitches, presentations and websites better.This is what creative work looks like for us – but creativity is not exclusive to creative industries. Creativity can and should be practiced in all fields.

If we think of creativity as the ability to manipulate and adapt old ways to come up with something new – creativity is simply finding a better solution. Fact – we feel better when we do better, and we do better when we are more creative in our thinking. So what is the secret to being creative?


A creative idea is not original, because completely original ideas don’t exist. Ideas are adapted – adding a new perspective to something that already exists. We all think in different ways, so expressing creativity is simply trusting our individual voice. Think of all the creative thinkers, the innovators, you would consider extremely creative. The two most obvious are Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Now ask yourself: did Steve Jobs invent the mobile phone? And did Elon Musk invent space travel or the electric car? OR did they re-invent it? These amazing creative minds didn’t come up with something completely original, they showed us how they thought it should be. If it feels unrealistic to compare yourself to the likes of Jobs and Musk, let’s continue this thought with something more relatable: the cook and chef analogy. When we cook we have two options:

We can be cooks or chefs – the only difference between them is the recipe book. The chef writes the recipes (trusting in his own opinion) and the cook follows. Who is more creative?The idea is to always be a chef when trying to come up with better ideas. Similarly to great inventors or innovators, a chef did not invent food or herbs and spices. They just tried different combinations! So this year, if you want your business to be more innovative, throw away the pre-conceived ideas of what a business is and ask yourself what you think a business should be.This is your year!


  • We set goals and hit (most) targets
  • We worked 230 days of the year
  • We sat in the same chair and looked at the same screen every day
  • We spent an average of $18 on coffee each week
  • We did great (creative) work – so it was all worth it.

This is an archived post from our predecessor The JOB Creative. 

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