Create highly-effective interactive videos

6 min

eLearning videos can be used in so many different scenarios around the workplace. They are very versatile and it is an ideal medium for delivering formal training. The best part about these eLearning videos is that you don’t need to pay a professional to run the training session over and over again! The question is, how… Read more

Motion graphics – How to use them in training materials

7 min

How to use motion graphics in training materials so your team really pays attention Adding motion graphics to your training materials isn’t just about wooing an audience with a bit of good old-fashioned eye candy. Nope, when you need all eyes on the ball, they’ll snap your weary learners out of a stupor, engage, motivate and… Read more

Why remote working is becoming the new norm (and how to manage it)

5 min read

A few years ago, most “remote workers” arrangements had to be limited to autonomous roles – the type of jobs that don’t call for teamwork, or at least, very little in the way of inter-person collaboration. But today, it’s a completely different story. New technologies such as mobile devices and collaborative software have made it… Read more

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