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How To Create A Killer Sales Presentation For Your Startup

7 minutes

Anyone in the startup phase of a business is likely to have a ‘to do’ list as long as Sydney’s cross-city tunnel and, in this game, it’s crucial to know where your priorities lie to see a return on your valuable time. With that in mind, almost one-third of small businesses (30.9%) say their primary goal… Read more

Create highly-effective interactive videos

6 min

eLearning videos can be used in so many different scenarios around the workplace. With versatility being one of their greatest selling points, videos are an ideal medium for delivering formal training such as professional skills, soft skills and compliance while they can also be used to familiarise staff with new tools and concepts. And the best… Read more

Motion graphics – How to use them in training materials

7 min

How to use motion graphics in training materials so your team really pays attention Adding motion graphics to your training materials isn’t just about wooing an audience with a bit of good old-fashioned eye candy. Nope, when you need all eyes on the ball, they’ll snap your weary learners out of a stupor, engage, motivate and… Read more

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