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The average office employee spends nearly an hour a day on PowerPoint – with 40% of their time spent on formatting issues alone.


Whether you’re delivering presentations at major events, showing monthly marketing figures or creating yearly financial reports, you need designs that are clear, effective and reflect what your brand stands for. Save time, increase productivity and avoid Death by PowerPoint with templates for every platform from Persuaders.

The average office employee spends nearly an hour a day on PowerPoint

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“The Persuaders process is quick and efficient, and they are extremely good at interpreting briefs. They’re great at simplifying the tech stuff and managed to create a complete narrative from simple tech details and facts.”

Emma Tilley
Marketing Manager, QANTAS


Present with style across any medium ––––––

We create stunning and user-friendly templates for a variety of platforms


Develop visually impactful and easily readable documents that get your message across.

We develop stylish and user-friendly document templates for you on:


  • Word
  • Pages
  • Google Docs 

Slide Shows

Broadcast your key ideas and simplify complex information into digestible visuals for a winning presentation.

We make structured and visually impactful slide show templates for you on:


  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • Google Slides


Communicate complex data and trends through engaging spreadsheets that get it right, every time.

We design clear and easily applicable templates that make it all simple for you on:

  • Excel
  • Numbers
  • Google Sheets

You need a clear and consistent visual voice to authentically communicate your brand.


Our expert templates will help you to represent your business the right way, and save time while doing it.


Having a good template up your sleeve ensures you are representing your brand consistently and with style. Our templates get everyone on the same page, allowing you to focus on business-critical work.

So whether you’re writing financial reports or presenting at a major conference, a Persuaders template is your master key to success.


Persuader Presentations

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––––– the usual suspects


brand manager

Keep your communications consistent and on-brand, from PowerPoint Presentations to Google Docs, with our range of Persuader Templates. You won’t have to tell staff once again they’re off brand!

sales team

Give your sales team the leading edge and harness your brands power with custom templates. Get back to what you’re best at and stop wrestling with design – scope more sales!


Unify your team’s understanding of the company brand with templates. From reports to e-learning, keep everyone focused on the end goal and create brand champions out of them all.

Productivity –––––

60 per cent

60% or less of work time is actually spent productively. Get back to what you’re best at and stop faffing around with presentations, reports and pitches.

branding –––––

– 10 per cent

Less than 10% of B2B companies say their branding is very consistent. An easy way to start fixing this is to roll out branded templates. It’s a no-brainer!

Facts & figures –––––

52 per cent

Bad brand aesthetics caused 52% of consumers not to buy from a company. Without a strong brand, investors won’t back companies and it will turn away clients.

FAQs –––––
Would you help us with our content?
Yes! We’d love to help you with your copy if you’re unsure of content. We like to finalise all copy-writing within the define phase and form the overall narrative structure of your presentation. 
Can you meet our deadline?
A lot of projects that come through our agency turn around between 1-3 weeks. We do get the odd SOS call for an emergency 48-hour turnaround!

Got something urgent for us? Speak with one of our team now on +612 8985 9499.

What do we need to give you?
We can start from scratch or work with what you already have. Whether that be a script, draft presentation or an old pitch you want to renew. In order to keep on brand, shoot over your company’s brand guidelines, icons, typography and logo suite. We’ll do the rest.
Do you take data privacy seriously?
We promise to keep your intellectual property safe. In fact, we have experience in handling confident projects of global companies, where the content must stay internal. We are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and other by-laws if required.

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