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Whether you’re presenting to a boardroom, a large crowd at a conference or broadcasting your message online, don’t let convoluted slides or puzzling graphics confuse your audience. Let us guide you with the right solution for your important presentation needs.

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Thank you so much for all your work on last week’s Conference. Beth had always told me how great you were – and she was definitely right and I know you had so many amazing presentations to create in such a short time frame. Your ability to work with minimal direction was really appreciated.



Hannah Rogers

Digital Media Specialist, Westpac Group

“We have been really pleased with the work Jacqui and her team have undertaken for AGL, giving us impactful content that helps us tell complex stories in a simple and engaging way. And always being flexible, pragmatic and collaborative in their approach.”


James Hall

General Manager, Capital Markets, Engagement, AGL

City of Sydney

See how we engage our client’s viewers

Westpac Senior Leader’s Conference Presentation

Department of Education’s PowerPoint Template

Brand Awareness in Mirvac’s Templates

Educate your audience with a Learning and Development Presentation


Hosting a workshop or training session?

Don’t complicate the lesson with overwhelming, content heavy slides full of dot points. Work with us to make it more visual and clear for your teams.


Lead your audience with a Motivational Presentation


Need to present a new company initiative or changes within the workplace? Together we can design a presentation that is both stimulating and exciting!


Enlighten your audience with a Report Presentation


Do you have a project that requires a progress report? Trying to make pages of data and stats more interesting? Craft a well-designed presentation that will present your progress clearly and concisely.


Inspire your audience with a Conference Presentation


Keep your attendees entertained at your conference or event instead of looking at their watch every five minutes. Inspire your audience by creating a narrative structure within your presentation.


We know business of today. We know the struggle to get your most important messages to cut through.


30 Seconds

is the amount of time it takes an audience to decide whether a presentation is a flop or not

Which is why it’s important to feel prepared from the beginning to the end. Having a strong, visually appealing PowerPoint or Keynote can increase your confidence during the presentation.

35 million PowerPoint presentations are given every day! Yet great presentations are extremely hard to come by. To stand out from the millions you need a presentation that has a narrative structure which engages with the audience. Rely on Persuaders for your next presentation to boost your confidence and make it one to remember.


Check out below what people like you are working on with Persuaders.

Cathy, a Shareholder Manager, organises key investor events and corporate marketing material with eye catching presentations.

Check out below how to get full advantage of Presentations!

Get the most out of your presentation


Presentations sales

Sales Presentation

An effective sales presentation needs a compelling story that highlights your product and aligns with your audience’s needs and desires. Studies suggest that effective presentations are 38% your voice, 55% non-verbal communication, and only 7% your content.

So keep your content clear and minimal to allow your audience to focus on you. It’s easy to go overboard when designing a presentation. If you’re struggling, Persuaders are more than happy to help look over your slides in order to keep it concise and on-brand.

presentations L&D

Learning and Development Presentation

Learning and development presentations work to achieve organisational goals by improving the skills and knowledge of the employees. Keeping the employees engaged during these presentations is a struggle.

Research shows that an audience’s attention span during presentations switches off after 10 minutes. Keep them entertained and engaged by encouraging audience interaction.

Presentations conference

Conference or Event Presentation

Conference and event presentations can be daunting as they usually include speaking to a mass of people who usually get bored halfway through the day. Keep your audience engaged with story-telling techniques throughout the length of your conference.

Facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they are told in a narrative setting. Include eye-catching visuals to further heighten their interest – keep their eyes on you not their watch! With Persuaders help you create that narrative structure required for a powerful presentation.

presentations report

Report Presentation

Report presentations either cover progress results or final results of a project or service like an end of financial year report. They usually contain large quantities of facts and figures which can increase an audience’s retention by 20%. But a lot of presentations can overuse these figures to the point of confusion. We recommend getting an expert to look over your content and make sure it’s appropriate for your audience.

Presentation Template

Presentation Template

A presentation template has the power to present the best image and presentation of your company. It is a set of pre-designed pages that you can edit on programs you use everyday. Keep your designs looking clean and concise and gain exceptional brand recognition with your audience.

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Can you meet our deadline?

A lot of projects that come through our agency turn around between 1-3 weeks. We do get the odd SOS call for an emergency 48-hour turnaround!

Got something urgent for us? Speak with one of our team now on +612 8985 9499.

Would you help us with our content?

Yes! We’d love to help you with your copy if you’re unsure of content. We like to finalise all copy-writing within the define phase and form the overall narrative structure of your presentation. 

Should we use transitions and animations?

Animations significantly increase entertainment and engagement levels while presenting when used effectively. Even a simple fade transition between each slide increases visual appeal. For more detailed animations, we recommend checking out our explainer video service.

What do we need to give you?

We can start from scratch or work with what you already have. Whether that be a script, draft presentation or an old pitch you want to renew. In order to keep on brand, shoot over your company’s brand guidelines, icons, typography and logo suite. We’ll do the rest.

Do you take data privacy seriously?

We promise to keep your intellectual property safe. In fact, we have experience in handling confident projects of global companies, where the content must stay internal. We are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and other by-laws if required.

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