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Overview ——————


We use captivating visual storytelling to focus complex information and instantly persuade.

Thoughtfully crafted imagery has instantaneous impact on your clients and customers. With the use of captivating storytelling, we are able to focus and simplify complex information with captivating visuals from branded icon libraries to explainer videos or outdoor printed posters. The results speak for themselves.

Take advantage of the instant impact of visual communication tools to excite and delight your customers and clients with our graphic design services. Transform your great ideas, data and research into a cleverly communicated format that makes it easy for your customers, investors and team members to understand and buy into. Our graphic design services become a vehicle for clear and influential communication between your business and potential customers.


On average you get 94% more views when content includes visual than those without.

Explain, inform and persuade with dynamic visuals.

“Thank you so much for all your work on last week’s Conference. Beth had always told me how great you were… Your ability to work with minimal direction was really appreciated.”

Hannah Rogers
Westpac Group


get the most out of your graphics ––––––

Our dynamic Persuader Graphics and infographics become a vehicle for clear and influential communication between you and your end-customer


Infographics are great if they tell a story and don’t just rely on facts. Create an easy-to-follow visual narrative that weaves in critical information or data that informs, educates and persuades.

Micro content

Micro content is best used for social media and blog content. They are snippets of highly visual facts, figures, quotes, gifs or images that convey an instantly understandable message.

Brand iconography

Icons are ‘bite-sized appetizers’ or small images that help audiences easily understand concepts. As 90% of information sent to the brain is visual, icons improve communication instantly.

The goal is to make sure  your audience truly understands what you’re communicating.

Our expertise will help you persuade, influence and convert.

Being able to confidently deliver compelling information about your business is a great feeling. Let us help you to entertain, educate and inspire your audience with branded imagery.

Persuader Presentations
––––– Check out our work

We’ve added value to many different types of organisations and industries – our clients understand it makes sense to have a professional Powerpoint presentation design as part of their inner circle.

Sparked a design idea? Let’s create some content now.

––––– the usual suspects



Create bespoke content to build brand recognition and create awareness.


Custom graphics applied to external presentations lifts text-heavy information.


Apply visuals to posters, banners and presentations to create a truly branded event.

branding –––––

80 per cent

Just by adding colour consistently, it increases brand recognition by up to 80%! What do you think of when someone mentions Coca-Cola?

imagery –––––

60,000 times

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in your brain than text. Need to get a message across instantaneously? Try imagery.

Facts & figures –––––

94 per cent

Content that integrates imagery gets 94% more views than without. Why not try incorporating icons, pictograms and micro-content to keep more eyes on your content?

FAQs –––––
Can you meet our deadline?
A lot of projects that come through our agency turn around between 1-3 weeks. We do get the odd SOS call for an emergency 48-hour turnaround!

Got something urgent for us? Speak with one of our team now on +612 8985 9499.

Why do the colours look different on my other devices?
Devices can have different graphics card, screen or colour settings and software installed which can affect the output greatly. Colours appear different from your mobile screen to large outdoor prints. We are set up to make sure any branded colours follow company visual guidelines no matter how strict! Shoot us through your branding documents at the start of a project so we can get across your visual assets.
What graphic services do you offer?
We offer a large range of visual communication services including infographics, extending brand icon libraries, digital banners and micro content. Speak with one of our team on 1300 843 562 and we can work together on creating the best graphics combination for your needs.
What should we include in an infographic?
Infographics are fun visual pieces that contain a narrative outlining a topic or data that your audience will love. Start with the content, simplify key points, add relevant graphics and don’t forget to add a ‘Call To Action’! Learn more about infographics by reading our blog: ‘How to Attract Your Audience Through Interesting Infographics’.
What type of files do you provide for graphics?
We can create and export graphics in multiple file sizes and formats. Our team has experience in producing digital graphics from posts for website and social media all the way to widescreen banners for large scale presentations and outdoor signage. We can also produce high resolution PDFs for print jobs. Ask us for recommendations for your social media, event installations or content campaigns.
Can I post an infographic on social media?
Yes! We encourage it but suggest optimising it for your viewers by creating snapshots of the whole piece so they fit nicely into mobile feeds. Our recommendation is to embed your infographic into your website or blog and use social media posts to direct traffic to the page.
Can you copy our style to make more of our pictures?
If they are vectors including icons, pictograms and micro scenes, we are able to replicate styles across new ideas. Just let us know what you’re thinking and we can help you find the type of style it fits into.
Can you make my blogs and reports into infographics?
The Persuaders team have years of experience condensing information into infographics, no matter the topic. We can work with you to identify what you want to get across to your audience and package content so they won’t miss out on anything.
Can you turn my graphics into a video?
Absolutely, if they are vector based or high-res files we can transform them into animated features you can put online or in a presentation. If they are low on quality, we would be happy to re-create and extend your graphics to suit a new video application. 

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