Qantas – Dreamliner Launch and Fleet Naming Competition

Taking the Qantas Dreamliner to New Heights. Australia’s national carrier had a problem – what should they name their new aircraft fleet?





Results Driven

When launching their new fleet of Dreamliners Qantas were facing a challenge – what would they name them. The challenges turned into a PR opportunity as a national naming competition was launched. We helped spreading the word in a fun and communicative Persuader video that launched the competition and prompted the public to cast their votes online.



Video Campaign


views in the first 24 hours


views in the first 5 days


Video Campaign


views in 3 hours


views in the first 6 hours

Solving the problem

We created an bright and to the point 60 second animated video, the competition mechanics and script for the video were displayed visually so sound was not required, reducing barriers to entry. The engaging video was shared and posted across social media and the Qantas website generating site views and creating awareness and participation.

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