Why Persuaders? Our methodology


Codify and Clarify your USP

We identify and clarify your Brand Story and USP. The single, sticky narrative to influence hearts and minds of your audience will be the North Star for the entire organisation.​


Create your Narrative Strategy and Comms Toolkit

You need to deliver verbally and visually arresting communications and content. Our Comms Toolkit and Persuasion Tools will do just that.


Guide and Implement your New Approach

Anchoring communication initiatives into your organisation can be difficult. Persuaders have a range of Training Tools for teams and executive leaders, alike.

Our Methodology

Phase 1: Explore

Strategic workshop

First we lay the foundations to create solid strategies and winning design. We make sure we are on the same page with the client’s objectives and purpose for the video. Next, we review the client’s content and script writing to formulate ideas on a moodboard.

Phase 3: Create

Magic, sparkle and flair

We finalise voice-over, music and onscreen text. Then our creative team lays out the individual frames against the voice-over and music track, ready for animating. We pace the explainer video, based on how we want the audience to feel. We ensure that the animation runs smoothly, is visually engaging and conveys the key message effectively.

Phase 4: Implement

Delivering and Publishing

Our services don’t just end at export and deliver. There may be moments of feedback or comments during the review and implementation process. If there is, we’ll try our best to address these improvements in the video.


Would you help us with our content?

Yes! We’d love to help you with your copy if you’re unsure of content. We like to finalise all copy-writing within the define phase and form the overall narrative structure of your presentation. 

Can you meet our deadline?

A lot of projects that come through our agency turn around between 1-3 weeks. We do get the odd SOS call for an emergency 48-hour turnaround!

Got something urgent for us? Speak with one of our team now on +612 8985 9499.

What do we need to give you?

We can start from scratch or work with what you already have. Whether that be a script, draft presentation or an old pitch you want to renew. In order to keep on brand, shoot over your company’s brand guidelines, icons, typography and logo suite. We’ll do the rest.

Do you take data privacy seriously?

We promise to keep your intellectual property safe. In fact, we have experience in handling confident projects of global companies, where the content must stay internal. We are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and other by-laws if required.